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Local ingredients

Seasonal food

Organic produce

The vast majority of our food and ingredients (included many wines and a beer label) is sourced from Menorca. We buy directly from farms and producers, because of the close relationships and trust that creates (for further information about our providers of organic and local produce, please click here).

Our food is nutritional and made with whole foods and non-processed ingredients. We are focused on the quality and provenance of each and every ingredient. We source food for its quality (freshness, flavour, respect for local varieties), Because of this our ingredients are always evolving to reflect what is at it’s best and of the moment.

More than 50% of our produce is organic and certified, We serve organic teas, coffee and fruit juices. A wide selection of organic and natural wines is available. We stand for organic and biodynamic farming, because it is the future.





We only serve fish that is recommended to eat and will not serve fish that is under threat (that's why e.g. we only serve MSC - Marine Stewardship Council certified tuna and anchovies).

93% of glass bottles are reusable and returned to the retailer, another 6% is separately thrown in the appropriate garbage can.

We use recycled and compostable napkins, biodegradable straws and bags.

We don't have A/C and only use Led or low consumption lights.

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Member of "The Sustainable Restaurant Association" since 2017. In 2019, first restaurant in Spain, we have achieved the rating of 2 stars in sustainability.

Indipendent Certification